Friday, July 22, 2011

Miss.Merli is my muse and we were feeling BLUE!

Merli over at MissMerli updated her bbm icon the other night and had this picture up:

I LOVED it so I started playing in my makeup and ended up doing this:

What I used:
MAC Fix + spray
MAC Select Cover-up NW45
Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation
Inglot e/s 363 contour
NYX Blush Cinnamon

MAC Paint Bamboom
Inglot AMC eyeshadow/ loose Pigment 66
Inglot AMC e/s / loose pigment 19
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Electric Blue
MAC e/s Vex
Inglot e/s 495
ELF cream liner midnight
MAC mulled cider e/s
MAC Kohl Eye Pencil in Feline
MAC e/s Folie
MAC e/s Mystery
Red Cherry Lashes 510
Laura Mercer Long Lash Mascara

OCC Lip Tar Rx
NYX Glitter

Be sure to enter Merli's first giveaway at MissMerli !!

FoTD & OoTD combo - What I wore to the Tweet Your Face Off Event!

A few Saturdays ago, I attended a Tweet-up event "Tweet Your Face Off" hosted by Danielle over at The Style and Beauty Doctor. I almost didn't make it - arrived about a half an hour before it wrapped up. You can go to these sites for pics and information on the event: Sherry Blossom Beauty & of course at The Style and Beauty Doctor .


Inglot pressed powder
LM tinted moisturizer - walnut
Mac pro longwear concealer - nc50
Inglot e/s - 423 brown
Inglot e/s - 467 highlight
Inglot e/s - 495 pink
Mac  e/s - beautymarked
Mac e/s - vex
Mac e/s - mulled cider
Lashes Nigels Emporium 48
Mac e/s - folie
Mac blacktrack fluidline

Mac sweet as cocoa blush
Mac blunt blush
Inglot multicolor system highlighting powder 88

NYX purple rain lipliner
Inglot lip pencil 28
Inlgot slim lipstick 57
Mac alert dazzleglass


Black & pink kisses tank top (H&M)
Black skirt (H&M)
Black oxfords (
Black flower necklace & bracelet (F21)
Black hoop earrings (Bakers)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Madame Madeline!!!!!!

I feel as though enough people may not know about MadameMadeline and how awesome of a site they are! After placing my order this morning I tweeted "Did you guys know that Madame Madeline is a great site to buy your lashes from?" and a follower replied "Do tell..." which inspired me to do this post. Here's some info on the site......

As found on the Homepage at Madame Madeline they pride themselves on providing their customers with the Madame Madeline Advantage :

  • lowest prices guaranteed
  • largest selection of false eyelashes
  • same day shipping
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • free shipping on all orders over $100
  • earn free eye lashes
  • no sales tax
  • accepts all payment methods

The Brands that are featured on Madame Madeline are :

Madame Madeline has a Discount Section as well a Specials Section where they list different ways for their customers to save on purchases!

If you are looking to make a purchase of 75 or more lashes, they offer a volume discount!!!! How that works is, you fill out the form with your name, email, question (false eyelash discount, last accessories discount, other), quantity, and a message, and they will email you back within 12 hours providing you with a discount code. :) 

I sent my form yesterday and received my response a little under 12 hours later. In the email response there was a link which forwards you to a page on their site that has most lashes at a discounted rate, plus a code for an additional  15% off. Since I included in my message that I was purchasing Red Cherry Lashes (they were not on the page at the discounted rate) the email also had a 30% off code for Red Cherry lashes!!!!!

The red cherry lashes are $1.99 regularly (the decorative lashes are a little more) - You buy 75 pairs that's $149.25 - 30% off you only pay $104.25!!!!!! Then remember no sales tax plus free shipping on all discount orders!

This works great for me because the beauty supply store close to me charges $2.49 and does not have a wide variety of Red Cherry Lashes! 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fancy Book Review: Hustlin' Divas by : De' nesha Diamond

I have attempted to read this book several times and it just never happened. Since my semester has concluded and I absolutely refuse to start a book without finishing it, I tried again. It still took me forever to get through it. Well not forever, but it took me about two or three weeks, which is beyond the norm for me because if I'm really into a book I can finish it in 2 or 3 hours even with my busy schedule. I found that I had to force myself to read it.

I believe I had such a hard time getting into the book because of its content. There were so many levels on which I just could not relate to; I didn't want to relate to it, not even by association. It just wasn't me.

I will admit it was a very few parts that were not that bad. Sadly that was only a few of the sex scenes or the scenes where two of the main characters Ta'Shara & Prophet, interacted with each other regardless of the objection of their families.

I would describe this as a poor urban version of a"Romeo & Juliet" spin-off. Ta’Shara’s older sister, LeShelle is the sister of the HBIC of the Queen G's, who is the girlfriend of the HNIC of the Gangsta Disciples, Python, while Prophet is the little brother of the HNIC of the rivalry gang the Vice Lords, Fat Ace. The book is basically about the struggle the young couple go through when forced to choose between family and love and the struggle of women who want the attention of a man in power.

I’d give it a 3 out of 5, if I was asked to rate it. While it was not my type of story, it did contain a lot of action. I was disturbed by some of the things in the book, mainly one of the character’s obsession with snakes and disheartened by the ending but it implied a part two, which I’d purchase and read just for the hell of it. I am not familiar with the author but the book wasn’t bad enough for me to never read her material again. I’ll still give her a chance to redeem herself and despite my opinion, the book received good reviews.  I just wouldn’t recommend it or re-read it.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Fancy Book Review - Justify My Thug by : Wahida Clark

Wahida Clark is one of my favorite authors, and Thug series has to be my all-time favorite.

Thug series :
1. Thugs & the Women Who Love Them
2. Every Thug Needs a Lady

3. Thug Matrimony

4. Thug Lovin'

5. Justify My Thug

Justify My Thug, is the 5th installment of the Thug series. I have been following them since day 1, and while it is very hard for an author to provide us with a follow-up banger, Wahida Clark was able to do so 5 times.

I had the pleasure of seeing the 1st four chapters of Justify My Thug, prior to the books release, but that didn't stop me from anxiously reading the rest once the book arrived. I even went back to re-read the entire series because I was just so open for the book!

I can admit the book had A LOT going on. D-R-A-M-A, but that's definitely not a bad thing. It was written in a way that everything flowed. I found myself saying "oh s*it" multiple times. I was so engrossed in the story that I would get upset the closer I got to the last chapter of the book because that meant I was almost finished and I just did not want the story to end.

I write reviews to give readers my opinion without spoiling it. I will tell you, you find out some interesting facts about
things that transpired in Thug Lovin'. In Justify My Thug , Ms. Clark takes us deeper down the rocky road of Tasha & Trae's marriage while answering the question: "Can love really survive the tough times?". And by the way the book left off I would bet money that Ms. Clark will be providing us with another installment in the future after she has completed Payback 3: Payback Ain't Enough, which she is currently working on.

If I had to rate this book, on a scale of one to ten,  I'd give it an 11. It did EVERYTHING for me. As I have mentioned in a previous book preview post, I ♥ books that capture the ups & downs of relationships. I like situations that expose everyday issues. A lot of times authors try to paint that "pretty" picture for us, but we know that's not how it always goes down. But Wahida Clark gives us the real deal. This book will definitely hold your attention from beginning to end. 

All of the books in the series are available for purchase on . Be sure to visit  her official website:  and follow her on twitter . Please check it out and support a great author.  


OCC Lip Tar Swatches

As some of you may know, OCC (Obessive Complusive Cosmetics)  introduced  3 new lip tars at The Makeup Show in Chicago, and while I wasn't able to attend, the lovely Ms. Sherry Blossom over at brought them back to NY for me.
Here are the pics & swatches:

Yellow Iron Oxide

Yellow Iron Oxide

Yellow Iron Oxide




Red Iron Oxide

Red Iron Oxide

Red Iron Oxide