Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Inglot Cosmetics Haul : After IMATS NYC 2011

OK so you've seen me mention my boy Brooklyn in just about every Inglot post that's on my blog. He has moved from the Garden State Plaza (NJ) location and is now at the Times Square Store. I am not in the city often so after the IMATS I headed over to pay him a visit and even though I had just left the IMATS, I didn't leave empty handed *insert my embarrassed face here*.......

I cant find the pic I took of the mini-train case so I will edit this post at a late date and insert that pic if anyone is interested in seeing it. It was $25. And ssshhhhh between me and you I heard they are discontinuing them so snag one soon! :(
 At the Chelsea Market Inlgot Opening we were given a goodie bag with an empty 5 round palette, and a voucher enabling us to have the palette filled at that location , but since I'm never in the city, I asked if I was able to do so at the Times Square location and they let me :) See below.
5 Round Palette
 Top to Bottom (left to right)
Row 1: 59; 43 (lipstick) 464
Row 2: 44; 11

AMC Face and Body Illuninator 66

Perfect concealer  49

AMC Gel eyeliner 74

AMC Lip Gloss
Top to Bottom: 545 ; 544

Face Blush: 43; 30

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Here's the conclusion of IMATS NYC 2011 purchase! You guys know I love me some Inglot. I had my list in my blackberry and was ready to go!

10 round palette
Top to Bottom:
Row 1: 19 (lipstick)
Row 2: 441 ; 504; 41 (lipstick)
Row 3: 450; 379; 473
Row 4: 423; 74; 366

41 ; 504; 441 (lipstick)

423; 74; 366
 450; 379; 473
 19 (lipstick)

Amc Eyeliner Gel
Left to right : 87; 82

Amc Lip paint:
Left to right: 59; 58; 57

Amc Pure Pigment Eye Shadow:
 Top to bottom: 32; 55; 47; 70; 85; 45

Bronzing Powder : 77

Amc lip pencil:
Top to bottom: 22; 11 ; 16

Sleeks lip gloss:
Top to bottom: 55 ; 65

Amc Face Blush : 88

If you'd like to see swatches of any products, let me know in the comments! :) 

IMATS 2011 NYC Part 2: HAUL

Everyone keeps asking me what I purchased at IMATS NYC 2011, even the people I was with didn't get to see everything, so here it goes!

Cover FX Pro kit $125
 12 shades of foundation 4 g
Foundation brush
Setting FX- translucent setting powder 6.5 g
Matte FX - Oil absorbing primer & blotting powder 12 g
Skin Prep FX -Nourishing Foundation Primer & Anti aging serum 30mL


Nigels Beauty Emporium
Lashes 7/$10, spatula $5, & palette $7

From Top to Bottom
 Row 1: wispy (2)
Row 2: 747m (3)
Row 3: (Left to right) 213; g46; 76
Row 4: (left to right) 747s; 523;117
Row5: (left to right) D-wispy; 119

Royal & Langnickel
6 brushes!
(Left to right)
Taklon Shadow $5; Stipper $7; Crease $5; Bent Liner $3; Round Foundation $8 each (2)

Obsessive Complusive Cosmetics (OCC)
9 Lip tars $10 each

Top: (left to right)
Beta; Traffic; Lo-Fi; Rx
Bottom: (left to right)
Hoochie; Demure; Vapid; Tarred; Feathered 


My OCC lip tar list prior to IMATS:

If you'd like to see lip swatches of the lip tars let me know in the comments and I'll get that post up for you guys!

IMATS 2011 NYC Part 1 : Random pics!

As many of you may know, I was in attendance at the 2011 IMATS in NYC on April 9. As suggested by many bloggers, I set a budget, had a list of exhibitors I wanted to visit, and a list made for each one. I wasn't too sure exactly what to expect as this was my first time attending, but I was not shocked at the turn out. I ran into a good amount of my twitter followers and was happy to meet them face to face. I am a very strong believer of the "buddy system" lol, and for that day I was lucky enough to have two! :) Shout out to my girls @C0ffee0410 & @i_PaintNPlan !!! We were so busy shopping away we didnt take any pictures together :(

I decided to break the IMATS posts up into about three or four posts. This is post one and it's just a few random pictures. My camera is out of commission so I had to use my iPhone to snap some pics while we were there.

OCC Lip Tars

OCC Pigments/ Loose Colour Concentrates/ Glitters

OCC Spring 11'

Ms. All Things Fabulous and her husband!!! They are ssoo cute!
Twitter: @AllThingsFab101 Blog:

Encore at the Inglot table!!! :)
Twitter: @EnKoreMakeup Website: 


Makeup is Art
(You know I had to snap this!)

Makeup is Art display

My friend who came all the way from Texas to attend IMATS! She told me before she came that she wasn't going to wear any makeup there because she intended to have her face painted. She disappeared for about an hour and then came back with this!

She also had a design put on her hand.

Me and Queen of Blending!!!
Twitter: @queenofblending Youtube:
This pic was taken by one of my favs Ms. Sherry, who has a mass amount of pics from both days of IMATS. Check them out!!!!!
Twitter: @MsSherryBlossom Blog: