Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More than one shampoo???? Take the poll!

Lately I've been on a DIY kick, and I've been doing my own hair. Because I have eczema, which is a skin disorder, I usually use more than one shampoo, one for dry scalp and then whatever other shampoo I decide to use at the time. I used to use T-Sal (recommended by my dermatologist) but for the past couple of weeks I've been using Nizoral because I wasn't seeing much improvement with the T-Sal.

After the Nizoral, I've been following up with Jane Carter Solutions Moisture Nourishing Shampoo, which has been my shampoo of choice as of late.

During my DIY at home relaxer, I had so many products on my sink, my sister was like "WTH?". She was confused as to why i had to use three shampoos. Her response is the inspiration for this post. I wanted to ask "How many shampoos do you use during one wash?". I created a poll and I'd like you guys to take a few seconds out to take it to see if I'm not alone LOL.

Link to poll: http://snappoll.com/poll/361289.php 

A Few Makeup Storage Ideas....

Hey Everyone! About a week or so ago, I was at Staples and decided to pick up a few desktop organizers to store some of my makeup since my beauty station was becoming a little cluttered. Now I am not saying this idea originated from me, I'm sure you guys have seen these other places as these are common products.

What I brought:

Listed for $10.99 online; Was $9.99 in store. I got it for 1/2 off during a sale.

Listed for $5.49; I got it for 1/2 off during a sale.

How I put it to use:

My babies needed a cleaning :(
I went back the next day and brought two more of each since they were on sale!

When I first moved into my own apartment I was hell bent on purchasing some Glade Flameless Candles. The idea of creating the illusion of candles minus the danger of them had me sold. Little did I know they'd get discontinued. :( But I found a way to put the clear cups to use! (Frown turning upside down) :)

How I put it to use:

From Left to Right: Lip pencils; Mascaras; & NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils
The purpose of this post is to encourage you guys to be creative and make use of what you have! Everything can be used for "something else", other than its original intended purpose. It's up to you to discover what that "something else" is!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another Inglot Haul :)

I had the pleasure of visiting Inglot once again, mostly due the price increase "rumors" (which i will post information about in a separate post), and I ended up grabbing a few things. I must shout out Brooklyn at the GSP location yet again! He's absolutely amazing!!!! Here's some pics of the purchased products along with swatches. :)

10 round eyeshadow Freedom System Palette

From Top to Bottom: 390 matte; 467; 384 matte; 477; 67 amc

From Top to Bottom: 495; 373 matte; 372 matte; 461; 68 amc

Under Eye Concealer DW1

Left: Concealer blended into skin
Side note: The concealer is creme but has a powder finish :)

5 Lipstick Freedom System Palette

From Top to Bottom: 18; 60; 54; 65; 88

Freedom System Palette
Face Powder & Blush

Top to Bottom: 40: 41

Lip Gloss 541 AMC

Lip Gloss 541 AMC

Lip Gloss 541 AMC

Synthetic Brush Roll


 I apologize for the rotated pics. My computer wont save them for some odd reason. If you see any brushes you'd like for me to take close-ups of just let me know in the comments. :)
Train Case (Closed)

Train Case (Closed)

Train Case (Open)

Train Case (Open)


Thursday, February 3, 2011

MINI - INGLOT HAUL w/ swatches and comparisons

Hey Makeup Lovers! Here are some pics of my haul from my first Inglot visit!

Freedom System 10 round eyeshadow Palette $45 (at time of purchase)
averages out to $4.50 per shadow
1.8 g per shadow
Compared to: MAC palette refills 1.3 g  $11 per shadow
15 eyeshadow palette must be purchased $14.00

Freedom System 10 round eyeshadow Palette
(without lid)
Top Row Left to Right: 60 (amc); 51(amc); 50 (amc); 64 (amc); 61(amc)
Bottom Row Left to Right :457; 464; 66 (amc); 501; 459
Amc= Advanced Makeup Component

Swatches Top to Bottom: 60 (amc); 51(amc); 50 (amc); 64 (amc); 61(amc)

Swatches Top to Bottom: 457; 464; 66 (amc); 501; 459

Comparison Top to Bottom: Inglot 457; MAC Mulch; MAC Satin Taupe

Comparisons Top to Bottom: Inglot 60; MUFE 2 

Comparisons Top to Bottom: Inglot 61; NARS Night Flight

Comparisons Top to Bottom: Inglot 66; From a Flirt 40 eyeshadow palette found at Kohls Dept Store.
AMC Pure Pigment Eyeshadows $14
Left to Right: 88; 86

AMC Pure Pigment Eyeshadow 86

AMC Pure Pigment Eyeshadow 88

Comparisons: Left to Right: MUFE 307 Diamond Black e/s; MAC Dark Soul Pigment; Inglot 88

Makeup Remover Wipes $4
Duraline $9

Comparisons: ELF Makeup Remover Wipes 20 wipes $3 ; Inglot Makeup Remover Wipes 25 wipes $4

Comparisons : MUFE Eye Seal 12 ml $20; Inglot Duraline 9 ml $9

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


About two weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting the Inglot Cosmetics Garden State Plaza location in New Jersey! To say I was in awe would be a dramatic understatement. I walked in and fell in love. The presentation and set up was absolutely wonderful! And the customer service was even better!! S/O to Brooklyn who helped me with my purchase and gave me a tour around the store. He was extremely patient with me and very helpful. This was my first visit to an Inglot store and my first up close experience with their products. After i picked my chin from off the floor, i proceeded to the eyeshadows, which was the reason why i went to the mall. I started swatching and playing around in the shadows. Once i made my purchase I asked if it was ok if I checked out the rest of the products and then i had this crazy idea to take a few pics for you guys :).

Freedom System:

So as I mentioned earlier my initial intent was to purchase eyeshadows (which i did). As i was browsing the shadows, Brooklyn showed me to a different section of shadows that can be used to make a customized palette, which they call the "Freedom System". The contents of these palettes are not just limited to eyeshadows, you can also choose from lipcolors, blushes, concealers, and face powders.

Freedom System Palette inserts:
Left: Face Powder       Right: Blush

Freedom System Palette inserts:
Eyeshadows ( Round and Square)

Freedom System Palettes

Freedom System Palette Inserts:
Left: Concealer      Right: Lipcolor

Eyeshadows/ AMC Eyeshadows

AMC Pure Pigment Eyeshadow

Top: Duraline
Bottom:  Body Sparkles (Glitter)

Top: Liquid Eyeliner
Bottom: Eyeliners & Eyebrow Pencils

Top: Liquid Eyeliner
Bottom: Eyeliners & Eyebrow Pencils




AMC Eyeshadows

Under eye concealer; Cream Concealer; Cream Foundation; Stick Foundation;
Pressed Powder

Loose Powder; Moose Foundation; Translucent Loose Powder; 
Bronzing Powder; Highlighting Powder;  Highlighting Multicolored Powder;
Correcting Illuminator

Highlighting Multicolored Powder; Face Blush; AMC Face Blush; 
Creme Blush

Face Blush

AMC Face Blush

Creme Blush
AMC Liquid Blush

Lipstick; Lipstick Matte

Lipstick Slim Gel; Lip Pencil ; AMC Lip Pencil; Lip Duo Lip Gloss;
AMC Lip Paint; AMC Lip Gloss; Sleek Lip Gloss

A few lip swatches.
Left to right (First two)
Slim lipstick 65
Matte Lip Crayon 33


Nail Enamel
Face Chart :
Face Chart by Brooklyn


Brush roll; Brush belts; Brush sets