Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fancy Book Review: Hustlin' Divas by : De' nesha Diamond

I have attempted to read this book several times and it just never happened. Since my semester has concluded and I absolutely refuse to start a book without finishing it, I tried again. It still took me forever to get through it. Well not forever, but it took me about two or three weeks, which is beyond the norm for me because if I'm really into a book I can finish it in 2 or 3 hours even with my busy schedule. I found that I had to force myself to read it.

I believe I had such a hard time getting into the book because of its content. There were so many levels on which I just could not relate to; I didn't want to relate to it, not even by association. It just wasn't me.

I will admit it was a very few parts that were not that bad. Sadly that was only a few of the sex scenes or the scenes where two of the main characters Ta'Shara & Prophet, interacted with each other regardless of the objection of their families.

I would describe this as a poor urban version of a"Romeo & Juliet" spin-off. Ta’Shara’s older sister, LeShelle is the sister of the HBIC of the Queen G's, who is the girlfriend of the HNIC of the Gangsta Disciples, Python, while Prophet is the little brother of the HNIC of the rivalry gang the Vice Lords, Fat Ace. The book is basically about the struggle the young couple go through when forced to choose between family and love and the struggle of women who want the attention of a man in power.

I’d give it a 3 out of 5, if I was asked to rate it. While it was not my type of story, it did contain a lot of action. I was disturbed by some of the things in the book, mainly one of the character’s obsession with snakes and disheartened by the ending but it implied a part two, which I’d purchase and read just for the hell of it. I am not familiar with the author but the book wasn’t bad enough for me to never read her material again. I’ll still give her a chance to redeem herself and despite my opinion, the book received good reviews.  I just wouldn’t recommend it or re-read it.

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