Wednesday, February 2, 2011


About two weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting the Inglot Cosmetics Garden State Plaza location in New Jersey! To say I was in awe would be a dramatic understatement. I walked in and fell in love. The presentation and set up was absolutely wonderful! And the customer service was even better!! S/O to Brooklyn who helped me with my purchase and gave me a tour around the store. He was extremely patient with me and very helpful. This was my first visit to an Inglot store and my first up close experience with their products. After i picked my chin from off the floor, i proceeded to the eyeshadows, which was the reason why i went to the mall. I started swatching and playing around in the shadows. Once i made my purchase I asked if it was ok if I checked out the rest of the products and then i had this crazy idea to take a few pics for you guys :).

Freedom System:

So as I mentioned earlier my initial intent was to purchase eyeshadows (which i did). As i was browsing the shadows, Brooklyn showed me to a different section of shadows that can be used to make a customized palette, which they call the "Freedom System". The contents of these palettes are not just limited to eyeshadows, you can also choose from lipcolors, blushes, concealers, and face powders.

Freedom System Palette inserts:
Left: Face Powder       Right: Blush

Freedom System Palette inserts:
Eyeshadows ( Round and Square)

Freedom System Palettes

Freedom System Palette Inserts:
Left: Concealer      Right: Lipcolor

Eyeshadows/ AMC Eyeshadows

AMC Pure Pigment Eyeshadow

Top: Duraline
Bottom:  Body Sparkles (Glitter)

Top: Liquid Eyeliner
Bottom: Eyeliners & Eyebrow Pencils

Top: Liquid Eyeliner
Bottom: Eyeliners & Eyebrow Pencils




AMC Eyeshadows

Under eye concealer; Cream Concealer; Cream Foundation; Stick Foundation;
Pressed Powder

Loose Powder; Moose Foundation; Translucent Loose Powder; 
Bronzing Powder; Highlighting Powder;  Highlighting Multicolored Powder;
Correcting Illuminator

Highlighting Multicolored Powder; Face Blush; AMC Face Blush; 
Creme Blush

Face Blush

AMC Face Blush

Creme Blush
AMC Liquid Blush

Lipstick; Lipstick Matte

Lipstick Slim Gel; Lip Pencil ; AMC Lip Pencil; Lip Duo Lip Gloss;
AMC Lip Paint; AMC Lip Gloss; Sleek Lip Gloss

A few lip swatches.
Left to right (First two)
Slim lipstick 65
Matte Lip Crayon 33


Nail Enamel
Face Chart :
Face Chart by Brooklyn


Brush roll; Brush belts; Brush sets 


  1. Nice post!! Ive been hearing so much about Inglot but had no idea where to purchase from. Im an NJ resident so I'm going to have to take that trip!

  2. Yes girl get there asap! The GSP location is relatively new, I heard they opened in Dec of 2010!

  3. At the makeup show their booth was BANANAS!