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MAC Venomous Villians Unveiling NYC Soho Location 9/21/2010 (Swatches Included)

On Tuesday September 21, 2010, my co-worker and I went to the unveiling of the  Venomous Villians collection at one of the MAC stores here in NYC. We arrived at about 6:30p.m. and there was already a little line formed. While on line a security guard came around and checked id's and stamped our hands.

My MAC stamp!

Me waiting online :)

Once inside we had to give our names to the individual with the guest list. Then we were given a cheat sheet to mark down what we want as we see it. I was going to upload it for you guys but mine is all messed up. Temptalia did upload one on her site though if your interested in taking a look. (

They had refreshments which consisted of filet migeon, Swedish meatballs and some mini cupcakes. They also served a very good alcoholic beverage! It was pink and had a minty flavor thanks to the mint leaf that was inside. I'm sure you'll see  one of my cups somewhere in the background of the swatch pics...

After we picked up a drink we made our way to the back of the store;The front display was already crowded. I tried my best to get swatches of EVERY product. It wasn't easy but i was able to get most of the products! (Aside from the nail polishes, I still have a week to go with my design so i didn't want to mess it up...) As you may know this collection is broken up into four parts by character. The characters are Dr. Facilier (Princess and the Frog), Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty), Evil Queen (Snow White) and Cruella De Vil (101 Dalmatians). You can find swatches below in that order.

Dr.Facilier display

Dr.Facilier Swatches
From left to right : Pigments (Push the edge;Melon; Bold & Brash),
Greasepaint sticks (Slick Black; French Quarter), Lipgelee (Resort Life)
Bottom: Magically Cool Liquid Powder (Truth & Light; Cajun)

Dr. Facilier Lipgelee (Resort Life)

Dr.Facilier Mirror
The first character i checked out was Dr. Facilier.

Next, Maleficent...........

Maleficent Swatches
From Left to Right: Mineralize Eyeshadow Duos
 (First two swatches My Dark Magic; Next two swatches She Who Dares),
Beauty Powder (Briar Rose),
Lipglass (Revenge is Sweet) ,  Lipstick (Violetta),
Lipglass (Wrong Spell) and Lipstick (Dark Deed).

Maleficent Swatches
From Left to Right: Nail Lacquer
(Bad Fairy; Formidable!; Mean & Green)

Evil Queen......

Evil Queen Display

Evil Queen Swatches
From left to right: Beauty Powder (Oh So Fair), Powder Blush (Bite of an Apple), Lipglasses (Hot House; Strange Potion), Lipsticks (Sinister; Toxic Tale),
Eyeshadows (Vaniglorious; Her Alter Image;Vile Violet)
Penultimate Eyeliner (Rapidblack) {Actually from Cruella but I think someone mixed it upon the display}

Lastly, Cruella De Vil.........

Cruella De Vil Swatches
From left to right: Lipstick (Innocence, Beware!) Lipglasses (Wicked Ways; Devilish Style) Lipstick (Heartless), Eyeshadows (Sweet Joy; De-Vil, Carbon), Penultimate Brow Marker {From Evil Queen but someone mixed them up}

Overall, I enjoyed myself that evening. It was my first time attending an unveiling and I'm sure it wont be my last. Aside from a few MAC artists who seemed as if they didn't want to be at work, it was a friendly environment. There wasn't any pushing or carrying on. Everyone waited there turn to view the displays and get their time with an artist to do either a lip look or an eye look. I had the pleasure of bumping into Kim Porter, who is a known beauty blogger (

They also had Cruella and Evil Queen costumes for us to try on. You can find my hideous Evil Queen imitation below. I snagged a few products which will be photoed in a separate haul post! Thanks for reading xoxoxo!

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