Monday, September 27, 2010

Venomous Villians Mini-Haul

When you tell someone "Hey I went to the Venomous Villians unveiling.", their first question is:  "What did you buy?!?!?!?!" So here is my mini haul from the collection. I also picked up a few products that weren't included in the collection but they were on my "To get list".

From left to right: Violetta l/s, Sinister l/s, De-Vil e/s, Vainglorious e/s, Melon pigment, Revenge is Sweet l/g, and Wrong Spell l/g.
 Now I know I did swatches of virtually everything at the unveiling and it is in the previous post, I figured "WTH i might as well include them in here as well". So here is the swatches for these products:

From left to right: Melon pigment, Vainglorious e/s and
De-Vil e/s.

From left to right: Sinister l/s, Violetta l/s, Revenge is Sweet l/g and Wrong Spell l/g.
 Here is my non- VV collection purchase for that evening.....

From left to right: Cyber  l/s, Coppering e/s, Blacktrack Fluidline, and Diva l/s.
And here are the lipstick swatches:

From left to right: (excuse my cat Lady in the background) Diva l/s, and Cyber l/s.
I didn't swatch the fluidline but I'm sure we all know how great it is! I absolutely LOVE it! I don't know why but for a long time I was trying to stay away from gel liners. I broke down and sampled a few from ELF ( for $3.00 a piece. They were ok but I purchased the MAC Fluidline that night with the intent to do a look for one of my "Girls Night" outings.

 I'm sure you may have heard, De-Vil and Coppering.....= Dupes! See swatches below.

From left to right: NARS California, MAC De-Vil, and MAC Coppering.

Thanks for reading !!!!!!