Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fancy Book Review - MATERIAL GIRL by: Keisha Ervin !!!

Let me start off by saying that Keisha Ervin is one of my FAVORITE urban fiction authors. I have read all of her books starting with her first novel “Me and My Boyfriend”, which is still by far one of my favorite books of all time! I find that her books encompass relatable situations for the every day young woman heightened with some things we may want to experience but do not have the means to. When one hears “urban fiction” I think they instantly think vulgarity, sex, and drugs. While a lot of times that is the case, this author goes beyond that. I notice a pattern of “relationship” related topics. If we have not experienced something that she has written, I can guarantee we know someone who knows someone who has been through it! I read a lot of books mainly from the urban fiction genre but because of the type of person I am (a “sucka for love”), my reading preference is books that deal with the topic. I am going to try to do a review of her latest book entitled “Material Girl” without it doubling as a spoiler, just in case any of you lovely people are interested in picking it up.

In my opinion, Material Girl is a good book. If I had to put it on my list of favorite novels written by Keisha Ervin, it would be number 4. The book is about a young woman by the name of Dylan Monroe and her relationships with her boyfriend, State, the handsome, successful, liar, her mother, Candie, the outrageous man and money chaser, her best friend, Billie, who is brutally honest with everyone else but herself, her cousin Tee Tee, who is just off-the-hook, and Billie’s brother, Angel, who is also handsome and successful like State, but is the opposite in every other way as far as Dylan is concerned. The title of the book definitely describes Dylan, she is a “label-whore”, who purchases more than she necessarily can afford and thinks she has it all because she owns a mass amount of material things. Throughout this novel you will see Dylan loving someone that doesn’t love her back, then she gets a good man but is so stuck on the bad one that she doesn’t recognize it until its too late. I recommend for anyone who loves to a good read about love, hate, lies, betrayal, infidelity, denial, drama, and steamy sex scenesJ .The ending isnt strong but you can tell its a set-up for a part II and I respect the growth of the character so I was satisfied. 

Oh and I just read that we can expect part II to release on July 26, 2011. I already have it added on my Amazon Shopping List because although it wasn’t my favorite, it definitely is a good read that held my attention from beginning to end and I would love to see what happens next!

Ms. Ervin has a website:!here/  or you can follow her on twitter for some updates on her literature @Keishaervin . Here some other novels written by Keisha Ervin:

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  1. Hi this is Keisha Ervin. It is 11:52 p.m and I was just doing a random google on my name and your site came up. I thank you for your review and for being a loyal reader.

    Your site is gorgeous and congratulations on all of your success. I hope that you enjoy Material Girl 2: Labels and Love. Have a merrry Christmas and I pray that your new year is a great one.

    And yes this is the real Keisha Ervin :)

  2. Thanks for giving the heads up on a new author I can check out when I have some spare time (grad school). I also enjoy urban fiction. You can actually learn something from the characters (i.e., be a better woman because sex is what it is sex!).