Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Here's the conclusion of IMATS NYC 2011 purchase! You guys know I love me some Inglot. I had my list in my blackberry and was ready to go!

10 round palette
Top to Bottom:
Row 1: 19 (lipstick)
Row 2: 441 ; 504; 41 (lipstick)
Row 3: 450; 379; 473
Row 4: 423; 74; 366

41 ; 504; 441 (lipstick)

423; 74; 366
 450; 379; 473
 19 (lipstick)

Amc Eyeliner Gel
Left to right : 87; 82

Amc Lip paint:
Left to right: 59; 58; 57

Amc Pure Pigment Eye Shadow:
 Top to bottom: 32; 55; 47; 70; 85; 45

Bronzing Powder : 77

Amc lip pencil:
Top to bottom: 22; 11 ; 16

Sleeks lip gloss:
Top to bottom: 55 ; 65

Amc Face Blush : 88

If you'd like to see swatches of any products, let me know in the comments! :) 


  1. Wow so much!! Swatches please. :D

  2. Yes ma'am swatches please!! I love ya! We both made sure to get the matte shadows from when Brooklyn did your makeup at the INGLOT Grand Opening we attended at chelsea! At first andrew(MUA from 42nd st location..did you know Brooklyn is at that location now too!yay!closer for me!) told me the teal color was sold out and I begged him to look again an he found it! I was and still am too hype! awesome haul girl no wonder I didnt see you after we met over at Occ you were busy racking up!!!

  3. @ Rai - I got you girl!

    @ Jacquelyn - Thanks!

    @ Sherry - The crazy thing is I brought it that night!!! I have so many I forgot so I'm giving it away! And yup I spoke to him before the IMATs. I actually went to see him afterwards and did more shopping (That post will be up next). I am working on my two final papers for this semester (both due in a few days) so I'll have the swatches up for you guys after I've completed those.

  4. love it! looks like you got some awesome stuff!


  5. SMH that damn Inglot line lmao. Next time I'm doing what you did and getting a list before hand. Especially now that I've been able to see & feel the products for myself. I wanna see the lip paints and that blush you got though!