Tuesday, April 26, 2011

IMATS 2011 NYC Part 2: HAUL

Everyone keeps asking me what I purchased at IMATS NYC 2011, even the people I was with didn't get to see everything, so here it goes!

Cover FX Pro kit $125
 12 shades of foundation 4 g
Foundation brush
Setting FX- translucent setting powder 6.5 g
Matte FX - Oil absorbing primer & blotting powder 12 g
Skin Prep FX -Nourishing Foundation Primer & Anti aging serum 30mL


Nigels Beauty Emporium
Lashes 7/$10, spatula $5, & palette $7

From Top to Bottom
 Row 1: wispy (2)
Row 2: 747m (3)
Row 3: (Left to right) 213; g46; 76
Row 4: (left to right) 747s; 523;117
Row5: (left to right) D-wispy; 119

Royal & Langnickel
6 brushes!
(Left to right)
Taklon Shadow $5; Stipper $7; Crease $5; Bent Liner $3; Round Foundation $8 each (2)

Obsessive Complusive Cosmetics (OCC)
9 Lip tars $10 each

Top: (left to right)
Beta; Traffic; Lo-Fi; Rx
Bottom: (left to right)
Hoochie; Demure; Vapid; Tarred; Feathered 


My OCC lip tar list prior to IMATS:

If you'd like to see lip swatches of the lip tars let me know in the comments and I'll get that post up for you guys!


  1. awesome! i wanted the rounded foundation brush but it sold out arrghhh but i LOVE the super foundation brush... a blog and youtube review will be coming soon!

  2. That Cover FX kit from Naimie's was amazing! I finally depotted all of mine into a palette and actually used em a couple times. I had no clue you got all those Lip tars either lol. And you reminded me that I forgot to get a bent liner brush! *DOH!