Monday, July 30, 2012

Fancy Book Review: Murderville by : Ashley & JaQuavis Coleman

This was my 1st time reading material from the couple and it won't be my last. I have however read a few books from Ashley Coleman.  Based off of this book I will go buy all of their previous books (In moderation) and will continue to support their work by purchasing future releases as well. They did an excellent job. This book taught me that you literally cannot judge a book by its cover. I saw it and was like "Huh? This clearly isn’t for me." Even with the title, I was a little leery, but it was free so I gave it a try and I'm glad I did.
After reading the first page, my reluctance to finish the book was still high, but by the end of the first chapter I was hooked; And in tears.  I found this happening several times throughout the book due to the dynamics of relationship between Willow & Ashai..... Ashai & Baron. It was very interesting to see that the undeniable connection between 2 children who met and then separated at a young age, never died. Regardless of circumstance - time - distance - it still existed.
What I took from the book, as the "moral of the story" is:
-whatever is meant to be will be.
-loyalty is everything.
-sometimes we are forced to choose bet what you know and what you feel. The equation:  I over e... Intellect over emotion.
I didn’t bother to read the back of the book initially, but the description is true to its words....
You can tell one of the reasons how they are able to pen such an exquisite love story is because they share that with each other. I get this from their acknowledgements. They're words to each other and to their son really touched me.
As you can see on the cover Murderville is the beginning of a Trilogy and I cannot wait to read Murderville 2 which released 7/24/12! At the very end we are introduced to a new character who I assume we will see in the next book. They don’t display the connection bet the characters - can't wait to see that - I'm sure it'll be an "oooohhh" moment.
Overall, I'd definitely recommend this book to someone who is into Urban Fiction/ Urban Romance. The storyline speaks to multiple readers of Urban Literature; For those who like to view relationships between a couple as well those like "street literature".  It isn’t one of those books that only a female could read. You can definitely pass it along to your boyfriend once you're finished or purchase him his own copy/download. Additionally, it does not fit the "stereotype" of Urban fiction, where "good girl meets drug dealer bad guy,  he ruins her life, the end".  Check it out if you havent already!

Murderville 2 review coming soon!

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