Monday, July 30, 2012


On last weeks episode of Love & Hip Hop ATL, one of Rasheeda's makeup looks caught my eye. It was simple but it caught my attention. Shortly after the show ended, I sat down at my station and did it on myself. Since I was home and knew I was going to bed right after, I didnt bother to put on any foundation.

What I Used:
-MAC Paint Bamboom
-MAC eyeshadow Mulled Cider
-MAC eyeshadow Flip
-MAC eyeshadow Embark
-Multiple Shadows from BH Cosmetics 88 Palette Matte (Coral/ Orange Mix 9th column Row 5 & 6 - Blue/ Green Mix Column 4 Row 7 & Column 5 Row 8)
-NYX jumbo eyeshadow milk
-e.l.f. Cream eyeliner Midnight
-MUFE Waterproof eyeliner pencil
-NYX lipliner pencil Nude Truffle
-Wet & Wild Lipstick 915B
-Prestige Lasting Moisture Lip Gloss Cozy Plum
-Red cherry lashes 76

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